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We offer to take care of all your motor insurance needs, through Maruti   Insurance Broking Portal right from collecting all the relevant papers to   arranging to have the policy delivered to you.

  For annual renewal of motor insurance , we have a dedicated team   which offers the following facilities :
  • Reminder for annual insurance
  • Wide range of insurance companies
  • Most competitive pricing
  • Collection of your paper & premium
  • Delivery of policy at your doorstep
  • Assistance in case of break in policy or other needs
  • Full assistance in the event of claim
  • Virtually cashless Repairs
                                We insure all makes and models.

  Towing facility and other emergency assistance provided free of cost   upto Rs 1500/-

For Insurance Renewal Queries
  Delta House, 6th Floor
  4, Government Place North
  Kolkata 700 001
  Phone : +91-33-4021-4800
  Fax : +91-33-40214840